Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Oh Hai

I totally forgot to make a wish list, didn't I?

Honestly, it's a lot of work. Especially if I'm not feeling inspired. Which I wasn't yesterday. So that may not happen weekly. Things just happen that way sometimes.

Wanna hear a little about camping? Of course you do!

Loved the camp site. It's right next to the creek where we fished. It was a short hike up to some rocks and pools with a little waterfall. Good for more fishing (and swimming if you like ICE COLD water). Tad of course wanted to sleep in our tent (of course we let him).

The not-so-good? Let's start with my NINE mosquito bites. Including one on my FOREHEAD. Yup, it's attractive. I'll be wearing a hat around in public for a few days. Then my brother-in-law (who came up to drop off our oldest nephew) saw a mountain lion and cub on his way up Monday night. Greeeeat. Four children under the age of 10? Hubby carried a gun on the hike and the kids stuck to sissy and me like glue.

Notes for next time: don't believe hubby when he says it probably won't be cold. If we don't bring the air mattress, DEFINITELY bring some foam pads. Bathe in bug spray.

Happy Wednesday!

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