Tuesday, July 20, 2010

5 Things

Hello there.

We're on day 3 in Florida and if you've been checking my Twitter then you know what I've been up to.

So did I ever FULLY explain how horrendous Friday was to you? No? Okay, horrendous might be exaggerating. But it was no bueno. So I'll share that with you today. In list form...

5 Things That Sucked About Friday
  1. I slept HORRIBLY. First I didn't even get to bed until after one. Because I was baking. Because hubby told his boss I could do cupcakes for a party. No, I didn't bite his head off. Anyway, once I did get to bed, I was hot. And not comfortable. And had dreams about cupcakes. Which you would think would be pleasant... it wasn't.
  2. Cleaning. I did NOT get as much done during the week as I had hoped. So there was a bit much to do.
  3. Packing. If it weren't for the stupid three ounces of liquid rule, I probably could have gotten by without checking a bag. Which would have been nice since airlines are JERKS and charge you for checked bags. Ugh...
  4. It was HOT! I shouldn't complain because I knew it would be worse in Florida. But I couldn't help it! No one likes waking up and feeling warm already.
  5. The Blazer. I needed to do a couple things. Meaning I had to drive the Blazer. But there wasn't much gas, so watching that gauge was fun. Plus there's that friendly bolt in my tire. But hubby looked at it and deemed it okay for driving, as long as I didn't drive crazy or go far. PLUS there's the fact that I have no air in that thing. Thrilling friends, thrilling.
Hopefully your Friday was better. I feel like I always have one of those days right before vacation. I need a vacation from vacations...

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