Tuesday, July 27, 2010

5 Things

Hello! It's not your typical list today. I picked out 5 random things about our vacation. Accompanied by pictures. I promise I will get to a recap (and I'll try to keep it from turning into a novel), but for today, enjoy this...

1. There's a chance that your child will want to ride scary rides.

The whole time we were in line for the Tower of Terror, I was sick. I knew he wouldn't like it, but I don't want to raise a sissy. Hubby insisted he would be fine. And technically he was. No crying, but his little yell will probably haunt me for a short time still. He was pretty proud of how brave he was though.

2. I cannot properly describe the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

I can tell you it was INSANELY crowded. But it was amazing. Seriously hard to describe.

3. Spiderman is a pretty smart dude.

Don't you love how Tad is listening to him? He asked if he was having fun and then transitioned to studying and working hard because being a superhero takes great responsibility. Good job Spidey.

4. The frozen mojitos at Epcot are weak.

No buzz at all, but still pretty dang refreshing given the thousand degree weather we were having. Worth eight bucks? Nope.

5. You gotta love the characters.

Buzz and Woody got into a little tiff over me. They made me choose! And Woody pouted when I chose Buzz. Which Tad still finds hilarious. "Tia Ashley, remember when you made Woody cry?"

If you're a friend on Facebook I put a lot of pictures up over there. Not even close to everything though. Stick around here for recaps. Like I said, I'll try to make them interesting.

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