Monday, March 16, 2009

R is for...

R is for ridiculous. I seem to use the word a lot. Like currently...

This whole Rihanna/Chris Brown mess is ridiculous. First of all, the fact that it happened is sad. Then the amount of other celebrities who came out talking about it are also stupid. Were you there? No? Then go away. Then there's the sad fact that teenagers are seeing this case of abuse and possibly writing it off. My cousins were in LOOOOVE with Chris Brown for a bit, if they still are, hopefully someone has let them know that girls are NOT to be treated that way.

Also ridiculous: people stealing papers from front porches. Really? You're too cheap to subscribe, or even go to Starbucks and buy it for fifty cents?? Well guess what, I like my paper, so I'm going to start booby trapping my porch if it goes missing again.

The weather is also ridiculous right now. It's been perfect and I have no problems with that. But of course, on the day of hubby's birthday, when we're going to have an outdoor barbecue, there's now rain in the forecast. It's still six days away so I can hope for good weather, but still. I don't want to have to worry about renting a tent because there will be too many people to fit into the house. Ugh.

I'll stop there, because "ridiculous" is quickly turning into "rant" and I don't want to go there right now.

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