Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Photo

Hello all, and happy Friday! It's time again for another photo. And today, it's a picture of my new haircut.

Yes, ladies and gents, I went and got bangs yesterday. Now that I've had them for more than a few hours I like them. There's always that initial shock where you think, "Holy crap what did I do?" Of course they didn't turn out exactly like the picture I took in, but pretty darn close. I'm just glad they aren't too short. That was my main concern.

So far everyone I saw likes them. Gonna show mom today. Hubby said I look like someone now, but he couldn't place it. Then he did... *sigh* And sadly, with the timing and everything, it looks like I want to be Silk Spectre II from Watchmen. Which just happens to be out today. Want a picture for comparison?

Awesome. But I do still like my hair. Probably won't keep it like this long, because having bangs laying on my forehead will be BRUTAL during the summer. But I'm happy for now.
*And I only WISH I could look that good in thigh high boots*


Mal said...

Yeah well, I bet you still wouldn't mind going out at 3am and doing something stupid. *grin*

Andrea said...

Honey, we should ALL look that good in thigh high boots!


I have been pondering getting bangs...maybe they will help diguise my huge forehead...