Thursday, March 5, 2009

American Idol - Wildcards

We are FINALLY going to find out the rest of the top twelve. About time. All eight are going to sing, then the judges will pick the ones that will go on. So no voting tonight.

Jesse Langseth started the show with Tell Me Something Good. Good job. But she's still not one of my favorites. It was only alright for Randy. Kara liked her. Paula liked her. Simon admitted that she was last-minute in the judge's choices. He also called the song a little indulgent.

Matt Giraud followed with Who's Loving You by the Jackson 5. MUCH better than his last performance. I want him through. Kara called it a great vocal. Paula thought it was amazing. Simon called it a great song choice, but had to critique what he was wearing. Randy loved it.

Megan Corkrey was next. She sang Black Horse and The Cherry Tree. LOVE that song. She sounded good. She didn't just copy the same sound as the original artist, which is what the judges always have a problem with. I want her to stay. Paula just said she picked the right song. Simon liked her. He called her original and quirky. Randy liked her song choice. Kara said they "need" her on the show.

Von Smith followed Megan. He sang Sorry Seems To Be the Hardest Word. It didn't wow me. The beginning was underwhelming and wimpy if anything. Simon wasn't crazy about it. Randy didn't enjoy it. Kara thought it was too serious. Paula wasn't really impressed either. I don't see him making it.

Jasmine Murray was up next singing Reflection by Christina Aguilera. I like that song. She was good, but I wouldn't call her great. Definitely better than her last performance. Randy and Kara liked her. Paula did too. All admitted that there were a few problems with notes, but they liked her. Simon tried to speak and then Paula went off on him. I'm tired of them. Simon liked it.

Ricky Braddy sang Superstitious. He was good. Well, better than good I guess. I'd maybe put him through. The girls were surprised by his song, but really enjoyed it. Simon liked his sound, but wanted more of an impression. Randy didn't love the song choice.

Tatiana the Freak was next. She sang Saving All My Love For You. Not a great start. But decent overall. Paula got her laugh going, making me want to kill both of them. She liked her I think. Simon seemed annoyed that she repeated the song. OMG, Tatiana will not SHUT UP while anyone is talking. Randy was iffy. Kara didn't really give an opinion. It was all very confusing and annoying.

Anoop Desai ended the night with My Prerogative. He looked super comfortable and sounded really good. I think he was one of my favorites. He showed a fun side. And Paula was totally rockin' out with him. Simon liked him. Randy liked him even though he repeated a song because he did it better than the first time. Kara said he made her want to get up and dance. Paula loved him and called him relevant.

Jasmine is in. Ricky is out. Megan is in and Tatiana is OUTTTTT!!!! Jesse is out. Von is out. Matt and Anoop were left up together. Matt is through. And SO IS ANOOP! The judges wanted a Top 13 this year. Holy Crap.

And then Ryan goes and ruins it all for me by saying Kanye West is on next week. Ugh. Thanks for taking my excitement for Anoop.

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