Wednesday, March 11, 2009

American Idol - Elimination

We go from thirteen to eleven tonight. And thanks to Comcast, I can watch something good (hello Ghost Hunters premiere), instead of suffering through needless filler. So quit reading if you want to see the episode for yourself.

Goodbye Jasmine. And goodbye Jorge. Jasmine was good, but I don't think she was... open enough? I don't think the people voting knew enough about her to genuinely like her. And poor Jorge. He was good, I just don't think he was getting the younger vote (which is really the crowd that matters). My mom, her coworker, and I loved him. But we're all over twenty-five years of age.

Oh, and that twist this season? The judges will get one save. One. For the whole season. But it must be unanimous, and it's only good until it's whittled down to the Top 5. So here's how that works. If they don't agree with who America sends home one week, they can save him/her. But that uses their one save. Plus, it sends two people home the next week. Make sense?

I'll reserve judgement for now. But hubby and I are wondering if it will work. If America really just didn't vote for someone, will it make a difference to keep them around one more week? Maybe, if that saved person gives an AMAZING performance.

As I said, we'll see. So what are your thoughts on the ruling?*

*I don't know why I ask. I'm pretty sure I have a small amount of readers. And only a small portion of those watch the show.

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