Sunday, November 30, 2008

Lazy Sunday

That's what today was. I woke up super late (but I was out until after three, what do you expect? I made some breakfast (I'm not super impressed with my pancakes today) and read the paper.

Now I'm finally revising all my rationales. Thankfully it's going quick. My advisor pointed out the exact spots that need work so all I have to do is go back and change those spots then I can resubmit.

Interview Tuesday... I'm not nervous. I think I'm too tired to be nervous today. I do need to figure out what I'm going to wear though... I've got a cute idea. I need to print out another resume too.

No shopping today. Unless I can convince hubby to go out tonight. Which I doubt. It was hard enough to get him to go out Friday night.

Hope everyone else had a relaxing day before we start this work week. For me it's my last "work week" for a while. Last week of student teaching! Then I have to prep my portfolio and finish my TPA. Then it's vacation time!!! Finally, I've been counting down for ages.

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