Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Monday...

... was happy. Tim had the day off from both jobs. I had the day off due to inservice for the district (one highlight of not being a paid employee - no trainings!). So we slept in a little. Then did our grocery shopping after a stop at each of our banks.

Funny how a trip that we took with the intent of picking up "a few things" turned into a total of almost a hundred buck. On the upside we've got enough meat in the freezer for quite a few dinners. Tilapia, chicken, steak, ground turkey, turkey sausage... oh the meal possibilities. Then of course there's the lamb chop (that I won't eat) from Tim's dad. And the bear sausage.

Wait, did I forget to mention the bear? I won't eat that either. But you don't care about that, do you? You just want to know why the bloody hell there is bear sausage in my freezer. You're thinking, "This girl is woodsy? I didn't know mountain folk have internet!"

No. I'm not a mountain girl. I have family in Alabama*, but I am definitely not backwoods. I have two Starbucks stores within a mile radius.

Tim comes from a family of hunters. This doesn't bother me because he would never force me to eat something he shot. So a couple weeks ago his dad was out hunting and shot a bear. And gave us some sausage. Yay (said with much sarcasm).

Sorry, that was a tangent there. I've got ADHD. Windows are a dangerous thing when I'm supposed to be paying attention. Oh look, a leaf fell off the tree... see what I mean?

So back to my Monday. After this trip to the store we decided that we needed to have a date. So we went to lunch after going home to unload. Had some pizza (mmmm, tasty, tasty pizza). Then hit the $3 theater to catch The Dark Knight again. We saw it the first time around, but wanted to again. And that was quite the interesting trip...

There was a girl sitting down the row from us waiting for someone. When he got there he decided to climb over us instead of going around (which would have made sense seeing as how she was on the END OF THE ROW). So he got on my fecal roster from the start. Then the couple was arguing. They were trying to do it quietly, but Tim and I could obviously hear them. So I got the giggles. I kept them to myself, but I couldn't help it. Really? You're going to get to the theater and argue with your girlfriend? Then it took a different turn. She started to get up and he grabbed her belt or something and pulled her back down. She didn't yell or scream, just continued whisper-shouting at him and he wasn't letting go. I saw Tim tense up out of the corner of my eye (he trains in jiu-jitsu for those of you who don't know, and we have been witness to a loved one suffering an abusive control freak). I put my hand out to take his hat that he had been holding and knew if the guy didn't let go Tim would put his ass to sleep. But the guy let go and the girl walked off.

At this point the jerk decided to follow, but apparently thought it would be faster to climb over us, again. Well, even though he said excuse me, there was no way in hell I was making it easy so I kept my feet out and even crossed one so I could make a higher barrier. He just stumbled his way across (I've never wanted to see someone trip so bad in my life) and walked out. They eventually came back in for about ten minutes then left again. But I seriously thought Tim was going to have to restrain the guy.

Besides that the movie trip was fine. There was a group that must have dropped hundreds of pieces of round candy, because I heard it rolling down the aisles several times. I wanted to laugh each time too. We got out and came home. Then vegged, watched some Lost on SciFi, and I baked.

And because this was such a lengthy post today, I'll reward you with a picture. I made brownies tonight, but put them in foil baking cups. And put some leftover Halloween M&M's on the top. And they are miiiiiighty tasty...

*This does not mean that I am profiling my Southern family, or anyone from the South. I loved the people on my trip down there. I'm simply tying my lineage in here.

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