Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday

So I'm finally getting around to this. Sorry it took so long pops.

Thursday was my dad's birthday. And oh Lord the things I could say about my dad. I'm no daddy's girl, but it's painfully obvious that I take after him in more ways than one. My interesting sense of humor? Dad. My love for Aerosmith and the Beatles? Dad. My ability to BS somebody with a straight face? Dad.

I'll tell you a little story about my dad. As kids, he used to listen to rock stations and sing the songs loudly to my brother and I. His favorites were Walk This Way and Roxanne. But Roxanne more than anything else. Every time I hear the song, I think of my dad and his singing. So of course when the wedding planning was going on, we started talking about a father-daughter dance song. Me not being a daddy's girl made choosing a song difficult. So I jokingly suggested Roxanne. Now, if you know the song lyrics you're probably hemorrhaging at the thought of that song right now. But we didn't choose it! We ended up using a Beatles song, which was so appropriate for us.

All that to say that every time I see this picture of us at my wedding, I think of him singing the ever-inappropriate Roxanne. That's not what he was singing really, but I can't help but hear those lyrics more than any others...

Happy birthday pops. Love you.

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