Monday, November 24, 2008

C is for...

C is for creative. Which I like to think I am.

I love doing things. And making things. I will gladly sit down with the kids and play with Legos for hours. Or Play-Doh. It's fun! I love coloring with Tad. We color in his coloring books together. Scrapbooking is super fun for me. If I had the free time and the right amount of space I would be a scrapbooking queen.

My new thing is sewing. Have I actually started? No. But I have projects in mind. And the material. I just need the time to get to my mom's and use her help and her machine. But I'm determined. Especially now that I'm so close to being done with studying. Soon I'll be correcting the homework, not doing it.

I think I'll extend creativity to the home area. Now my apartment can't really be that creative. It's rented. And I would still like my deposit back. So no paint and such. But when I get a house... it's on. I already have files saved and mental images. I can't wait. It will be a glorious thing.

Let's also throw in that C is for cupcakes. Which I'm obsessed with. And I do still aspire to be good enough to sell them. Maybe not have a store, but at least take orders or something. (BTW, Tim said we can have a double oven when we get a house - SCORE!!!) C is also for cookies, something I'm so good at that my sisters sometimes email me just to ask when I'm making them next.

And this week, C is for cranberry sauce and cranberry relish. I only get the relish when grandma is with us on Thanksgiving. And it is amazing. To say the least. Now I'm hungry...

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