Saturday, November 8, 2008

Wish List

So a friend did this a couple years ago on his myspace (shout out to James). And I promptly took the idea since I have a birthday in December as well as Christmas.

Wanna know what to buy me? Check it out.

1. Gerard Butler. Okay, I know it sounds bad, but Tim and I have discussed it and he's totally okay with me having a sancho as long as it's King Leonidas.

2. NPH. I want him for a totally different reason. I just think it would be awesome to hang out with the guy.

3. A bakery. I'd have the sickest cupcake shop in town. Or if you aren't rich enough for a bakery, how about a house with a top-notch kitchen.

4. The 2009 350Z. Mmmmm... it's not out until spring, but I'll gladly take a pre-order. White please. Really, have you seen the slight change to the body? Tasty.

5. A personal trainer. To kick my ass out of bed every morning and make me skinny.

6. While we're at it, how about a personal chef. Because cooking is kind of a pain. My chef doesn't have to be here every day, maybe only five days out of the week?

7. Disneyland season passes. For me, Tim, and our nephew. I love that place. I could easily go visit every month.

8. Shoes. I love shoes. Size 7.5 or 8, just depends on the style. Money for shoes would also be acceptable.

9. Baking stuff! Ya know, fun cake pans, tons of decorating stuff... the things I could do with limitless baking supplies...

10. Cookbooks. Specifically some baking ones. Although normal cooking is cool too.

11. A Wii. Because I'm pretty sure it would be fun.

Yeah, I know that this list is way out there. On purpose. Although shoes and cooking stuff aren't out of the question. Anyone else start their list yet?

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Mal (aka James) said...

Ha ha I remember that list! I should probably make a new one too...