Monday, November 24, 2008

So there's this new show...

And it's called "Whale Wars." Tim and I have a huge issue with this show. The premise is this group of people who are interfering with Japanese whaling ships. The Japanese are apparently doing this illegally. And this group is pissed. So they do things like throw gas bombs onto the whaling ships, try to jam the propellers on the ships, or even board the ships to try and force no action.

They are eco-terrorists. Plain and simple. And jerks.

So we were discussing how Animal Planet will give anyone a show now. Maybe we should get a show. But then I realized I don't think animals are people. And that's a problem if you're going to be on Animal Planet. And Tim said, "I have an idea. In light of recent political events... Whalin' With Palin."

He's rather proud of himself. And if anyone steals our idea, we have an uncle who is a feared lawyer. So think twice.

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