Friday, November 28, 2008

A Few Things

As I read the paper I found a few things that already made my morning. And yes, I'm weird for these particular things making my morning...

So I'm in what equates to the entertainment or spotlight section and all these things made me smile. I even texted Tim about two of them. First I see that Let's Go Bowling is going to be at Club Fred tomorrow night.

What? You don't know who Let's Go Bowling is? Well, I'll go with how our paper described them: my town's "Forefather's of Ska." And if you don't know what ska is, then I've given up hope on you.

Anyway, I would love to see them, but we're having a party at Beth's tomorrow night. So I guess I'll have to skip it this time. Would be fun though...

Then I flip a couple pages and see that the Philharmonic is doing a night of Hollywood movie scores. That's just plain fun. It's not like we're fans of the Philharmonic or anything, but come on. Hollywood movie scores??? We're actually contemplating going.

I kept flipping and found the dates for Christmas Tree Lane here in town. There are always two walking nights and I want to go. The first one is Tuesday, which might be a nice way to relax after my interview. Then there's one on the 10th. I kind of want to take Tad again (he fell asleep last year). So maybe the one on the 10th will work...

Just thought I'd write. Because I know everyone cares about what makes me happy. Hope nobody's got a hangover (turkey or otherwise). I'm off to do homework... ugh.

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