Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I heart my BFF

So Lauren came over today. We just relaxed and watched some movies. She had just bought yarn so she started crocheting a scarf while I contemplated baking. We decided that when we have jobs next semester we're taking dance classes again. We miss them. I'll take Tim and she'll take her "not boyfriend." Haha...

And I totally did end up baking. I made some pecan squares. Like pecan pie, but little squares. But they're going to Tim's work. Or getting saved for Thursday. The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of saving them for Thursday. Especially since one sister-in-law already myspaced me and asked if I'm making cookies tomorrow (doubtful). Maybe the pecan squares can be a peace offering.

So anyway, there was much conversation had. We discussed the importance of marrying down and how cute Asian babies are. Quite a random day. But so fun. Lauren made my day.

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micah paige said...

ya the Asian babies on John & Kate plus 8 are adorable!!! Aiden is my fav :)

just a little input there. haha.

question: will you be at both our Thanksgivings (josey side/reyes side)? we're havin two, right?