Wednesday, November 26, 2008

No stew for you

Yeah, I know. Most over quoted line from the most love/hate show in existence. But I totally had plans to make some stew for dinner tonight. In the crock pot. Super easy. But I kinda forgot to take out the meat last night. So it's definitely not thawed. Meaning I can't cut it into chunks. Ugh... no clue what's for dinner tonight now.

I did have a productive morning though. I wrote a rationale (which I have to go turn in in an hour), went to my mom's to get my diploma (which I need for Fresno County), and baked some cookies. Wow. Now I have to get dressed and find something to eat before I go down to school.

Then it's come home and frost said cookies (yes, they're the famous sugar cookies, my sisters will love me). Find something for dinner (it may be a takeout night). Do my nails (I've been meaning to for weeks now). Clean the kitchen... okay. There's my day. Hopefully you guys are doing something more fun than me.

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