Sunday, October 26, 2008

Why is it Sunday already???

So all day I kept thinking it was Saturday. Wishful thinking? Maybe...

And now I sit here waiting for tomorrow. Needing to take a shower, thinking about how my day will go... *sigh*

I got a call from my master teacher tonight, she messed up her back and won't be there tomorrow. Well, not for the teaching part anyway. She has to come in the afternoon for conferences. So there will be a sub, but the class is pretty much all mine. I had a two-second freak out until I realized I can so handle that class. Plus tomorrow is a short day (because of the aforementioned conferences) so there's a whole hour less that I have to teach. I can handle it.

I got my laundry done this weekend. Well, the important stuff. I can now get dressed for work this week. That's always a good thing. Now there's just some stuff waiting to be hung up, but I'm too lazy to do it tonight. I think I'll take my shower, read ahead in the book that I'm reading to my students, then go to bed.

Busy week. I just have that feeling. But Friday and Saturday will hopefully make it go fast. Totally ready to take the kids to have their pics taken on Friday. Then trick or treating. Then maybe me and Beth will go out. Then PARTY on Saturday!

Sleep tight everyone.

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