Thursday, October 30, 2008

Friday Photo and Happy Halloween!

It's finally here!!! Happy Halloween friends!

I have a special photo for you today. Tim and I carved most of our pumpkins this week. Some were just too darn difficult so they stayed alive. But here's our result of a LOT of work...

Up top we have a giant pumpkin eating a little guy. The little guy to his left is screaming and the little guy to the right is just plain shocked. Second row we have Frankenstein, a random cute guy, and Jack Skellington. And the bottom row is Domo (!!!!), Tad's idea, and another random cute guy.

And because not everyone knows just how much I love Domo...

That's me and my Domo pumpkin. Tim carved it for me. Cuz he loves me. <3

Happy Halloween all! Have fun tonight, be safe, and if you're bummin' around my town gimme a call. I'll be at Club Fred's.

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Mal said...

WOW! How did I not know you loved Domo?! Crazy.

Those pumpkins were awesome! I carved mine a few days ago, but it's so lonely compared to your batch.

Y'all have a great and safe Hallowe'en. Sorry to say I won't be bumming around your town this year -- but I AM going up to LA, which will probably lead to something blogworthy. :)