Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Photo

Yay!!! It's Friday! And I have my computer! Meaning I can give you a photo!!! I was a little worried for a while there...

Obviously I'm going to stick with my Halloween theme right now and give you another Halloween picture.

This is actually from two years ago (if you couldn't tell from the lack of our youngest nephew and my lack of a ring). We bought Halloween shirts for the kids at Target and went over to take some pictures of all of us in our shirts. I think it's funny that the kids could easily pass for ours.

Next week is the big week! I'll try to get a costume photo up if possible.


Mal said...

You BETTER get a costume photo up!

And we wouldn't be able to see the lack of the ring -- your left hand isn't showing. :pppppppp

Typhoid Ashley said...

Actually smarty pants, that's my left hand sitting on my leg.

So there! :pppp