Friday, October 10, 2008


I got my Halloween costumes in the mail. I bought a couple because they were on sale and I knew I could use them later. The other ones were also a good price and I have the option of wearing them this year.


The Indiana Jane idea is cute, but I don't have brown boots. I need to call my mom. I got a hat, and that's super cute! Then there's the knight costume. Love it. I even have the boots for it. But we'd have to come up with Tim's costume quick. On the plus side, my mom sounds like she's willing to help there.

The costumes that aren't in the running? The Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. I am in love with the costume. So freakin' cute! Then there's the pirate costume I got for pretty cheap. Love that one too! It fits perfect which is surprising when you buy a costume. But that's for Tim's pirate party in March for his birthday. Yeah, we're totally gonna have a pirate party. Be jealous.

So now I'm faced with a choice. Knight, Indy, or Little Red Riding Hood. I honestly don't know. I may ask my sissy tomorrow, she's coming over. But do any of you have an opinion for me? The good thing is that nothing else is needed for the knight or Red. Indy still needs some boots.

I love Halloween, but the decisions! Agh!

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Mal said...

You'd make a super hot Red. Plus Hathaway did her voice in Hoodwinked (and you know I associate you two). And Tim would make a good Woodsman (which I assume would be his role).

The others are cool but that's the one that indicates to me.