Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday Wish List

It's Wednesdaaaay. And I actually put together a list. See, hubby has a beard. A manly beard. He also likes to wear flannel shirts.

Have you done the math yet? Yup, I appear to be married to a lumberjack.

So we're throwing a lumberjack party for his birthday this month! Everyone's wearing flannels, the boys are growing out their beards, and there's a good chance we'll go traditional and serve flapjacks. haha

Well, ever since the party has been in my head I've been looking at random lumberjack-related things. I also searched "lumberjack" on Etsy. And came up with some cute stuff!

Kellee, if you are reading this, bring Starla to the party and have her wear these boots. Although, I would love her to rock these little booties any time I see her. (via handmadetherapy)

This ring is cute. I could totally do this too. The question is, will I overtake the procrastinator gene long enough to do it??? (via crumpetcake)

Are you loving these earrings? Because I kind of am. I might buy them. Although I wear my hair down so much it wouldn't make a difference... (via MonchichiSuite)

I love this guy. Isn't he CUTE?? And he slightly resembles hubby! I'm contemplating buying him as a little cake topper. (via licoricewits)

It just fits with the party theme. I'm thinking hubby's beard will win. (via KeepCalmArsenal)

And what do you think? Most perfect birthday card ever? Yes. (via dudeandchick)

Now I'm at the point where I'm just hoping people have fun with it. Because what's so stinkin' hard about putting on a flannel people? Just go with the theme already. Or you don't get cake.

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