Wednesday, March 30, 2011

American Idol - Top 11... Again!

I was SO ready for tonight. Songs of Elton John? Yes please. I wonder if my mom was able to handle it all. She does love him.

Before I jump into the singing, OMG the sparkles on everyone's dresses! The photoshoot dresses, some of the performance dresses, Jennifer's dress... SPARKLES AND PURPLE. WIN. Total eye candy.

Alright, I'm ready to get started.

Scotty got first spot tonight. He sang "Country Comfort." And he was adorable up there with his guitar and his shout out to his grandma. :) Seriously though, hubby and I were discussing how good he is and hubby admitted there's a good chance he'll buy his album when it comes out. You know he'll have one. The judges gushed and Steven said that he felt like he was at his own show.

Naima followed. She picked "I'm Still Standing" and decided to reggae it up a bit. BTW, can I just throw a random interjection in here? I grow tired of Jimmy Iovine. He annoys me. Mucho. That's all. So back to Naima, I thought the song suited her. But I can't say I loved it. The judges loved that she picked something that fit her, but Randy thought the reggae version of it came off a little corny.

And now we have Paul. :) *sigh* Yup. That boy makes me happy. In his fancy suit and his white teeth and adorableness. He picked "Rocket Man" and when I heard that I squealed. Hubby commented that the song has been ruined for him by William Shatner. Not ruined for me! I would totes buy Paul's version. I love his voice. I even got a little carried away and clapped for him when it was over. What can I say... I love a boy with a guitar. The judges loved him too, although Jennifer did suggest that he push a little more.

Pia was up next. She chose "Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me." That song is amazing. And I totally approve of her singing it. She sounded great and there's not much more to say. The judges of course gushed.

Stefano followed Pia with "Tiny Dancer." Another one I love (wait, I don't think I feel any other way about Elton John). I enjoyed him, but when don't I? I liked it a LOT. He's just cute. All the judges commented on how he finally started connecting with the audience and Steven told him he nailed it.

Up next was Lauren. Who I love, but when I heard she was singing "Candle in the Wind" I got a little nervous. That's kind of a HUGE song. I had no reason to worry. She KILLED it in the best possible way. She kind of reminded me of Natalie from the Dixie Chicks when she sang some of her notes. I loved her so much I drew three hearts in my review (I have a very technical system over here). The judges all agreed she rocked and Randy said it was probably one of the best performances she's given.

James was up next with "Saturday Night's Alright." Makes perfect sense. And it fit him well, but I thought some of the theatrics on stage were a little overboard. The judges gushed and Jennifer told him that he makes her forget it's a competition show.

Thia's turn. She chose "Daniel." For me, it felt like just about every other performance she's given. She sounded good, but it wasn't interesting or "wow" or anything like that. The judges liked it, but Randy said it was really safe choice.

Ohhhh Casey. He got a hair cute and a beard trim. And I love him even more. He chose "Your Song" which seemed like a weird choice at first. But he nailed it. Like, NAILED IT. The last few notes... I might have started to sigh. The judges all talked about how there was never a doubt in their minds that he should be saved last week and that he totally proved he was worth it with that performance.

By this point I forgot who was left, then I remembered. I think it might be a bad sign when you actually forget about a couple contestants.

Jacob came up next. He picked "Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word." Can I be honest? I'm done with him. He sounds the same to me every week. And it never sounds current or relevant to me. He's not bad, but he's just not interesting. The judges of course gushed like they do every week.

Haley got the last spot of the night. She sang "Benny and the Jets." Which made me happy. I pink puffy heart that song. And I only have one word for her performance: YES. YES. YES. Oh, and YES. She sounded great. She got my attention. The judges LOVED her. Randy even gave her best performance of the night.

Now for the bottom three... well I'd like to say Jacob, Naima, and Thia. If any of them went home I would be fine. My actual bottom three? I think Thia, Stefano, and maaaaybe Naima. If not Naima then Haley. Just an inkling I have.

So tomorrow we'll lose two. Hopefully not my faves. But I guess we'll have to wait and see. Now I'm off to bed with some Elton John stuck in my brain.

Typhoid. Out.

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