Thursday, March 10, 2011

I Got...


Parent-teacher conferences continue today. Thankfully I have some really great parents in my classroom who are easy to talk to.

I start the three-day diet again tomorrow. I've managed to keep the five pounds off. Here's hoping for five more?

Made a date with my BFF for some shopping on Saturday. We will probably also go try out for Wheel of Fortune next week. Because we're old ladies who love that show.

Again with the TMI but I have been having cramps from Hades. It sucks. I'm hoping today is better.

I am obsessed with fruit lately. This is probably a good thing for a diet. Right?

If it's sunny this weekend I may expose my legs in the backyard. So I don't frighten my children when I start wearing skirts to work. I need tan legs to be happy.

We let Greenlee try some grapes last night. She played with them until she popped them with her teeth. Then she realized they are awesome and meant to be consumed. I'm amused by my little dog.

Happy Thursday.

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