Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Coolness

Today's coolness is in the form of a movie review. I tried to convince a certain somebody (who I may or may not be married to) to make a video review with me, but he wasn't going for it. Which is really too bad, because I'm pretty sure some of you would have peed laughing (I'm lookin' at you mom). He's pretty amusing when he wants to be.

So here I am all gangsta with my movie cup. Don't even act like the random hair wisps don't happen to you. Psh. I just came in from the rain and took my hood off. But you know you love how my cardi, ring, and nails are all the same pink. Yay-yuh! (If you need help pronouncing that consult Lil Jon or Regular Show.)

So... movie review. We went to see Red Riding Hood last night. The commercials have all looked legit. Hubby saw that Gary Oldman was in it and that sold him. We have free movie passes comin' out our ears at the moment so we went and used some.

All-encompassing one-sentence reviews:
  • Hubby: Ummmm... Twilight, no vampires, more blood, and Gary Oldman.
  • Typhoid: Good stuff, but it was pretty reminiscent of Twilight.
So for those of you who don't know, the movie was directed by Catherine Hardwicke - the same director from Twilight. I didn't factor this in until we got to the opening credits. Done over a forest in the same style as our camera shots of Forks.

My take: The story was good. LOVE Amanda Seyfried in it. The two potential loverboys were nice to look at. Gary Oldman was fantastic as usual. When is he not amazing? I really should have predicted who the wolf was, but a decent effort was made to try and keep the audience guessing. No huge names besides him and Seyfried. We did get to see Bella's dad though. I was satisfied with the ending. The soundtrack? No thank you. Too emo (similar to some certain sparkly vampire movies). But overall I give it a solid B+.

Hubby's take... well he kept with the Twilight comparisons and said Seyfried is easier to look at than Kristen Stewart, the rest of the cast couldn't act their way out of a wet paper bag. Gary Oldman had more talent in his pinky toe than the rest of the cast put together. The other love interest looked like a special needs version of Robert Pattinson. The soundtrack made him want to cut himself. The director needs to not make everything just like Twilight because he kept waiting for Amanda Seyfried to gasp and bite her lip. And WHY did the main love interest have hair product? Ending was fine. He gave it a C+ for effort.

Obviously some hormones have something to do with it, haha. I didn't realize how much of a chick flick it actually was. But there was blood splatter! So it's not like there was nothing for the guys to appreciate. And it definitely wasn't the strongest thing I've seen. At the end credits I just looked at hubby and waited for him to say something. Sooo maybe warn your honey that it could be a little bit of a chick flick and he might want to sit this one out.

I have the book. It's up next after the current werewolf book that I'm reading (I just gravitate toward these things I guess).

Possibly off to another movie today? We'll have to see. I told hubby I owe him a manly flick after making him sit through wrist-cutting music (he said he could possibly have liked it better without the emo soundtrack).

**PS - I took today and tomorrow off for hubby's birthday so hopefully an adventure or two can be written about later.

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