Thursday, March 10, 2011

American Idol - Elimination

Haha, as I typed that I thought of the other kind of elimination. What can I say? I'm a teenage boy at heart. Anyway, yes, tonight is the first of the eliminations. I got wind of it online before I watched the show so I already know. But I'll pretend to be surprised as I fast forward through carefully watch the show.

30 million people apparently voted. I was not one of them. But it turns out that we WILL see the judges' save again this season. Or maybe we will. Guess it depends on if they like the decision or not.

Holy monkey... Casey is sick again?! That's not good.

Unnecessary segment of the "Idol mansion." Although some of their faces were pretty adorable when they walked in.

Ahhhh... the return of the group lip synch. I kind of missed its cheesiness. And it's so obviously pre-recorded greatness. The pre-recordedness of it all was painfully there tonight. Almost laughable. We were graced with a Michael Jackson medley. Umm... that's all I have to say about that.

YEAH! We were treated to our first music video tonight! Still cheesy, but not adorably so. Too bad.

After what felt like an eternity's worth of filler we got to naming names. Even that took forever. Adam Lambert sang something but my thumb decided not to stray from the fast forward button so I missed it. Darn. (This is where we need a sarcasm emoticon.) The thumb did stray to see what this "Diddy Dirty Money" business was and if it had anything to do with the oh so brilliant guy who changes his name from Puffy to Stay Puft to Dirtstache or whatever. It was. The thumb went back to its favorite button.

By this time we've FINALLY reached the last minutes of the show. The bottom three ended up being Karen, Haley and Ashthon. And Ashthon goes home. It was deserved. It's not like she sucked, but she definitely failed to impress after the last few performances. Thankfully the judges did NOT use their save.

And I still say Robbie should have gotten a wild card over her.

On to next week! And starting to hope Casey gets out of the hospital quickly (I googled it... bleeding ulcer, ICK!).

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