Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Photo

It's Friiiiidaaaay! I have only two conferences today, both right after school. So I'll be heading home early! Well, after lesson planning and picking up a prescription. :/

So I have these really high ceilings at home and I've been wanting to do a gallery-type wall above my buffet since we moved in. I finally did it. And it only took 11 months! 12 months by the time I'm posting it! Yay me!

So here it is. I rather enjoy it.

I'm aware the pictures are small so here are a few of them that I zoomed in on.

Clockwise starting in the top left corner: a sibling pic taken by an amazing friend of mine, my massive thrifted frame and my super cute lettering (DIY project), a random 19 (if you know me you don't have to ask). BTW, the backing behind the "LOVE" frame is actually a mustard color, not the pukey greenish the computer makes it look.

Starting up in the corner again: framed monogram (another DIY), my brother and brother-from-another-mother lookin' all handsome, a hilarious picture of us and our "son," a custom cartoonized family picture done by a great friend. I commissioned him last year for my mom's birthday present. I liked it so much I needed it for my wall. Side note: again with the pukey green color actually being mustard.

And starting in the corner: a gorgeous picture of Tad as Max (again taken by my dear Steven), a picture I took at Epcot, one of my favorite wedding photos, and a super cool piece I got off Etsy (I would look up the info, but let's face it... I'm lazy).

I didn't feature a couple other photos (taken by me as well as others), a last-minute crafty piece (due to the need for another frame up there), and another awesome Etsy find. And there's no picture of the actual buffet because it's not clean. At least not clean enough to showcase on the blog. It'll be clean pretty soon (we're having a party here) so maybe I'll remember to photograph it then.

I love my wall. If you want help with one hit me up, I'm pretty much a pro by now.

Happy Friday!

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