Thursday, March 3, 2011

American Idol - 12 Girls

I was way exhausted last night, hence posting today. I don't think I've been sleeping well or something... I dunno.

SO. I wasn't as excited about the girls last night. For one thing, I'm apparently ancient and I don't keep up with current music. Because I totally did NOT know most of their songs. Which can make it harder to appreciate the music sometimes. On the other hand, if I have no basis for comparison, their voice can sound better. Yeah... I just wasn't excited. Before we get on with it, I have to say I love the sparkliness of Jennifer's dress. Not necessarily the shape of the dress, but definitely the bling.

Okay then...

1. Ta-Tynisa Wilson. Sang a semi-familiar song by Rihanna. Don't ask me the name, I tend to not listen to stations that play Rihanna. Anyway, she was decent. It wasn't amazing. I actually wanted her to be better because I kind of like her. She's fun. Steven Tyler liked it, Jennifer thought she did a good job of playing to the crowd, and Randy said it was just okay. She could be in trouble tonight.

2. Naima Adedapo. She sang "Summertime" which I love. The arrangement was semi-loungey to me (in my notes I wrote "loungish," but I think "loungey" sounds better). But her voice is great! Steven Tyler compared her to early Ella Fitzgerald, Jennifer loved her, and Randy gave me a pat on the back by also calling the arrangement loungey, but by the end he liked it. I hope she gets through. I bet she can do some great songs.

3. Kendra Chantelle. Not sure what she sang? I'm aware I could look it up... but no. Snark moment: her nails distract me. They seem oversized, maybe it's the color. Anyway, forgetting the nails, she sounded GREAT. Easily top three of the night for me. The judges LOVED her. Jennifer even told her she belongs there. Pretty sure she'll get through tonight.

4. Rachel Zerita. The way her makeup and hair were done tonight, did she remind anyone else of Dita VonTeese? She sang "Criminal" by Fiona Apple. Her song surprised me because I didn't recognize it at all until hubby finally did more than halfway through the performance. She looked like she had fun and all, but it wasn't my favorite. Steven Tyler said she was a little too Broadway. Jennifer wished she had picked a different song. Randy didn't recognize the song at first either and he didn't love it. I'm guessing she could be in trouble tonight.

5. Karen Rodriguez. She did "Hero" by Mariah Carey. She also sang in Spanglish (she kept switching from English to Spanish). Now I loved her coming in. She's been cute and good the whole time. The switching back and forth was a little distracting for me. I wish she would have stuck with one or the other, or at least not have switched so often. She sounded good though, I give her that. Jennifer "wow"ed her and loved the Spanglish. Randy said she made it hers (definitely agree there). Steven called her fantastic. Hopefully she makes it through tonight. I think chances are good for her.

6. Lauren Turner. I forgot about her, is that bad? I didn't know her song either. But I did enjoy her voice! I could have done without the backup singers at some points though. She has now jumped to the top of my radar. The judges loved her. The only critique was that Jennifer wants her to have more stage presence.

7. Ashthon Jones. I didn't know her song. But I giggled because my mind was in the gutter and it could have been mildly dirty... hee hee. She was good. Not great. If I only had that performance to go off of I wouldn't vote for her. The judges love her voice, but Randy said the song wasn't the best choice for her. So far I think she's impressed enough people that she might stick around tonight.

8. Julie Zorilla. Where was her date? She was on her way to the prom, right? She was the one to finally pick a familiar song, "Breakaway" by Kelly Clarkson. But... I didn't like it. At all. Poor thing just didn't seem like she had it together. And did you SEE Jennifer's face when the camera panned by??? She looked mad or disappointed or like she wanted to cut somebody. I laughed. But then when she started the judging she left it at, "It's not the best we've seen from you." Guess she didn't want to be mean. Randy flat out said it wasn't as good as Kelly. Steven Tyler said it was simply the wrong song. Methinks we may be saying goodbye tonight.

9. Haley Reinhart. She sang Alicia Keys. Aaaaand... meh. She was good. But it wasn't great. And she didn't do much with the song. I remember other performances where she's so much better than that. Randy didn't think it did anything for her. Steven and Jennifer liked her enough though. I hope people were remembering old performances though, because she should stay.

10. Thia Megia. I love her name. It's little and cute like her. I didn't know her song (again). But wow, she sang! It was perfect for her. The judges went gaga. Jennifer said she captivated every person in the room. I totes agree. She ought to be safe tonight.

11. Lauren Alaina. She picked something by Reba. She had fun, she was cute, she sounded good. I could imagine hearing that on the radio by her. The judges apparently totally agreed. Randy almost made her pass out by saying she was a little Kelly Clarkson meets Carrie Underwood. Good comparison. She'll be safe, she's gotta be.

12. Pia Toscano. Sang "I'll Stand By You." Could be considered a risky choice since Carrie Underwood did it really recently. But holy cow she nailed it. NAILED it. She might be my favorite of the night. Out of nowhere. The judges gave her the first standing ovation of the season and it was well deserved. She has to be safe.

So those were our girls. Even though the night as a whole wasn't the best for me, I definitely picked a few favorites. I will of course be back tonight to discuss the results and cheer (or boo) for our Official Top 12.

Typhoid. Out.

(haha, I couldn't help it, I had a Seacrest moment.)

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