Tuesday, March 15, 2011

5 Things

What's UP my friends? It's Tuesday. Tuesdays are okay in my book. Monday is out of the way, Glee is on... and that's about all to look forward to on your average Tuesday. But today isn't average. I'm likin' some things that are happening this week. So let's share.

5 Things I'm Liking This Week
  1. My tulips are starting to bud! I love my tulips. Of course this means that we have to start watching the punk kids who walk by on their way home from school. I had a couple of them picking my tulips last year. Jerks.
  2. I have new clothes to wear! Thanks to a fun shopping trip with my bestie on Saturday, I have a couple new work-appropriate dresses to wear.
  3. I have to prep my class for two performances this week! Okay, that's not really the fun part. The nice part is that after this, the hardest thing to plan for will be open house. *whew* It's hard coaching kids through a performance when I was the QUEEN of avoiding public speaking my whole life.
  4. Chance of rain? Yes please.
  5. I'm writing sub plans! Well, the sub plans themselves aren't so fun. But writing sub plans DOES mean that I will be having time off. As in two days for hubby's birthday next week! I don't know what the plan is yet, but we'll almost surely go somewhere where we can bum around and do something fun.
What are YOU loving this week?

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