Tuesday, March 1, 2011

5 Things

Hey. It's Tuesday. 5 Things friends. And today you are in for randomnessss...

5 Way Random Things
  1. I have been saying "totes" instead of "totally" a LOT. Like, A LOT. Blame Adventure Time. Ohhh glorious Adventure Time.
  2. Dinner last night was super awesome. Just sayin'. And in case you're curious, this recipe here is what we made.
  3. We finally got our car. Did I ever mention that? We love it. Tad loves it. Like, LOVES it. That makes hubby love it a bit more I think.
  4. We sold our Blazer. For more than we had hoped. Yay-eah! 
  5. I say "Yay-eah" a lot too. Blame Regular Show. Which is mucho awesome.
Sooooo any randomness you care to share today? Feel free to leave it here. I'm in the mood to read the randomness on some of your minds.

Happy Tuesday!


    Rachel Escobar said...

    cj's poop has changed... now that he's eating solid foods, it's much easier to clean up (not runny anymore), but much more stinky :(... you said you were in the mood... hahaha

    Anonymous said...

    Are you blogging for American Idol?