Wednesday, March 23, 2011

American Idol - Top 11

I'm jumpin' on in here.

Loved Steven Tyler rockin' his leopard shirt. I just love that man.

Don't love the Motown theme, am I the only person who feels this way? Kind of *yawn.*

Casey was first and sang "I Heard It Through the Grapevine." I giggled because with his hair slicked he looks like Zach Galifianakis. But he sounded good. The judges loved him.

Thia was next. She picked "Heatwave." Nice to see her do something upbeat. She was pretty boring last week. She did good, the judges were happy to see her step up and do something different.

Jacob popped up third. I honestly expected the typical near-aneurysm delivery of a song. He chose "You're All I Need." I was pleasantly surprised at the lack of brain-popping hemorrhaging. Steven liked him so much he got OUT of his seat when he was done to give him a hug.

Lauren followed Jacob with "You Keep Me Hangin' On." GREAT choice. First let me say that I desperately want her dress. It was adorable. And her singing... spot on tonight. She sounded really good. The judges loved her.

Stefano picked "Hello." This made hubby laugh and made me excited because before I heard any notes leave his adorable face I knew it would be a great song choice for him. *ding ding ding* That's the sound of me being correct. I lurve him. The judges mostly did, but they all told him that he needs more connection and emotion.

Haley was up next and she picked "You Really Got A Hold On Me." She was cute and she sounded good, but I thought there was far too much coming from the backup singers. Steven Tyler made me squeal by delivering one of his wails when he was telling her he loved her. I told hubby I want a ringtone of him doing that. Anyone got one to send my way?

Scotty... ohhhh Scotty. He's just adorable. He picked "For Once In My Life." And he sounded like something right off of the radio. Every time he sings he amazes me. This kid could seriously win.

Pia's turn. She picked "All In Love is Fair." Another ballad, good as expected. She's consistent, but she isn't bringing anything new. Randy called her out on that, but the judges loved her all the same.

Paul followed up. He picked "Tracks of My Tears." And I LOVED him. His voice makes me happy, his version made me happy, I could totes hear him on the radio with that song. And then he went super soft for the ending and I melted a little. He's so many kinds of adorable. The judges loved him too.

Naima picked "Dancin' in the Street." I'll be honest and say that I ended up skipping part of her performance so apparently I missed a little dancey dance? She sounded good, same as always. Again, I feel nothing new coming from her. And was it me, or did her voice seem too low tonight? The judges of course geeked out for her.

And last of the night was James. He sang "Living for the City." And reminded me of Adam Lambert tonight for some reason. Not the screeching, because there wasn't an excessive amount tonight (thank you). Everyone died and went to heaven or something though because it took forever before the judges could get a word out.

My bottom three tomorrow? Naima, Haley, and Thia. Just an inkling. Guess we shall see.

Typhoid. Out.

That still makes me giggle.

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