Thursday, March 24, 2011

American Idol - Elimination

So I wasn't going to post at first because I found out the results before the show was over. I saw a hint at how it was legitimately dramatic and I had a gut feeling of who the bottom was so I looked.

Let's just get this done. The bottom three was Thia, Stefano, and Casey.

Yes, Casey. In all his bearded loveliness.

The person with the least number of votes was Casey.

I think it was one of those situations where people are assuming he's safe so they're voting for their other faves? Maybe?

Anyway, he started singing and Randy cut it off shortly into the song. Poor Casey looked like he wanted to throw up. But the judges used their save and he's in. After what looked like absolute torment on his part. Bad words, looking like he would toss his cookies, having to SIT DOWN to process it...

I'm just glad he's safe. And maybe I should start voting next week...

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