Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wednesday Wish List

Aahhhh moving. We're attempting to pack over here and it's hateful. So to keep myself happy I've been playing with ideas for the rooms in the house. Have I mentioned I get a SEWING ROOM?! It's going to be the girliest room in the house. Seeing as how hubby won't be hanging out in there, I think I can get away with it.

My mom bought be some adorable pink damask yesterday to cover my chair with, and now I'm drooling over stuff on Etsy, so let me share.

I love this aqua with my pink damask. And I love this print. Not sure what I would do with it, but I love it. (via daffodilhill)

This pink metal crate is so cute! Yes, the paint is wearing away in spots, but that makes me love it more. I can totally throw fabric or magazines in here. (via SacValleyTreasures)

This clock makes me happy. I'm a little hesitant about throwing yellow in with the aqua and pink. Hubby may or may not have thrown the words "Easter egg" around last night. But I'll throw some gray in, that will make it better, right? Anyway, this clock is fabulous. (via tracygarciadesigns)

This is a print for the wall. I kind of have a thing for birds right now. (via LuckyBluebirdArt)

See? More birds. This one kind of combines my colors so I think I need it. (also via LuckyBluebirdArt)

This is cute. And would look nice on the wall also. (via hijirik)

Love the song, love this print. It would also look cute with the one above. (via Tessyla)

There's actually a ton of stuff on the site that I loved, this is just a small amount. And mom and I went to Home Goods yesterday and I found a birdcage/candle holder that I have my heart set on now. If any of you so choose, you could email/Twitter/Facebook hubby and tell him I need it. :)

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