Thursday, March 4, 2010


This will either end up really long and boring, or shorter than I meant because it's harder to say than I thought it would be.

Kids today are wimps.

I could leave it at that, but I won't.

First of all, the term "kids" doesn't even refer to the under-14 bracket anymore. There are people in their twenties acting like kids. There are people in their thirties acting like kids. People have this ginormous* sense of entitlement. Where the heck did it come from?

I work with kids in various situations. There are kids who have hundred dollar phones. They have designer clothing. Their parents jump at the mention that another kid doesn't like theirs. I have kids who have zero chores. There are kids who do everything regardless of how much it costs. They get cars at fifteen because they need to practice on the very car they will drive when they get their license at sixteen.

Sports teams get trophies for EVERYTHING. There is barely a first place anymore. Now if you showed up on time and wore your uniform right you get a trophy. Kids have full blown graduations in sixth grade now. Their parents are getting them LIMOS.

What is this doing to them? Will their parents keep supporting them forever? Will they give up after one failed job interview and decide that their only solution is to live off everyone else? What will they do when they *gasp* get a bad grade and mommy isn't there to bully their teacher?

I'm just really disillusioned sometimes. It's frustrating knowing that when I get my own classroom I will have countless overprotective parents and weak children.

There are going to be challenges! You cannot have a picture perfect life with only sunshine and rainbows. You WILL have to pay bills. You WILL have your heart broken. You WILL make mistakes. But guess what? That's how you become the adult that you're meant to be.

So quit whining.

*Um, were you people aware that "ginormous" is apparently a recognized word? Firefox and Blogger are telling me that it's fine. Hmmm...

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