Wednesday, March 10, 2010

American Idol - Top 8 Boys

Look at me, I have some time to watch again! There are still some boxes to pack so that will be happening during commercials.

Randy needs to SHUT UP. He's already annoying me just during the intros.

Lee Dewyze is up first, singing "Fireflies." I don't know this one, but he sounds good. I hope he stays around for the Top 12. Randy said it was a strange song choice, but he made it work. Ellen liked it. Kara said he made the song better with his interpretation. And she will not leave Simon alone. She needs to lay off the spiked drinks. Simon said he didn't have a moment.

Next up is Alex Lambert. He picked "Trouble." I remember someone singing this for auditions. And I think I liked it better then. I don't think Alex has the right voice for it. At least he looks A LOT more comfortable on stage now. Randy said it was a good song choice, but he wasn't wowed. Ellen said he's getting better every week. Kara said he's still too stiff. Simon said he's still concentrating too much.

Tim Urban chose "Hallelujah." LOVE this song, but mostly love it by Jason Castro. (You know that's the best one, right Heather?) Tim's version is pretty decent. He sounds good, but I still like Jason better. And I think I figured out who he reminds me of. A less pretty Zac Efron. Randy thought he did a good job. Ellen ran up to hug him and told him he was fantastic. Kara liked him. Simon thought it was a smart choice.

Yay, it's Andrew Garcia!!! He's singing "Genie in a Bottle." Normally I would be worried, but I'm totally not with him. I LOVE IT!! I am dancing in my seat (on the floor in my mostly empty apartment). Randy said it didn't work for him (and was greeted with a lot of "boos" from the audience). Ellen liked it and said people will love it. Kara said he peaked early so he's having a hard time. Simon said it felt desperate. I think the judges are poopy.

**Iron Man 2 trailer!!! Love ya RDJ!**

Casey James picked "You'll Think of Me." Let me just *sigh* right now. I love this song. Yup, he sounds good. Although I think I'm irritated now and not sure I can crush on him. Because for some reason he reminded me of a jerk I dated while he sang that. Hmmm... I still like him. Randy called it safe. Ellen thought it was great. Kara said she's "kinda back on the Casey Train." She's lame. Simon said it was sincere, but not quite his best.

Aaron Kelly is singing "I'm Already There." Second song in a row I've heard live by the original singer/band. I go to a lot of country concerts. Okay, DID NOT LIKE the beginning. I think he started too low. He seemed to struggle. The chorus is a bit better, but not wonderful for me. Randy thought it was good. Ellen thought it was a tough song for him. Kara didn't think the song was relevant to who he is as a singer. Simon called her out (which was hilarious). He said it wasn't a great vocal, but he had a good amount of emotion.

Todrick Hall is singing Queen. Hmmmm... "Somebody to Love" is one of my favorites by them. I'm not positive I like it. His voice is fine, but I don't like his version. Randy liked it and called it one of the best vocals he's heard all night. Ellen liked that he changed it. Kara said the singing was good, but said it was almost too dramatic. Simon said it was good in parts. He said it showed him more as a Broadway singer than a recording artist.

Big Mike is last and he picked "This Woman's Work." GREAT start. I gasped when he started. I cannot help but get a dopey grin when he sings. He's so good on stage and he sounded great. Randy liked it so much he didn't even make sense. Ellen said it was beautiful and called him the one to beat. Kara was in tears. Simon called it the best performance of the live shows this season.

I don't know if I can make a pick with the guys. My picks to go home (based strictly on person preference) would be Todrick and Alex Lambert. I'm afraid Lee might not have been great enough tonight though. So I guess we'll see.

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