Tuesday, March 30, 2010

5 Things...

Oh I had quite the adventure yesterday. We met up with sis and family to go fishing. So here you are...

5 Things About My Fishing Adventures
  1. I got some SUN. Like, my shoulders are a bit crispy. Now I have to get rid of the funky tan lines. :/
  2. We saw two rattlesnakes. Real life freakin' rattlesnakes! That's two more than I ever need to see outside of a zoo again. My oldest nephew spotted the first. It was only seven or eight inches, without a fully formed rattle. My brother-in-law killed it. (THANK GOD he was with me at the moment.) His belly was big so we figured he had just eaten. Later on (with the head chopped off and buried, and the kids standing back) my sis squeezed out his meal. He had eaten a mouse. It was stanky! The second one was nowhere near the kids. He was about a foot and a half below my bro-in-law and I in between some rocks. I hauled butt outta there. The other grown-ups got close enough to count the rattles. Seven. And I heard him shake his tail. I could do without hearing that sound ever again.
  3. Tad came home with me. Yay for spring break and a few nights at my house!
  4. Michael caught one fish, but it got away later. Same thing happened to him yesterday! haha
  5. Our youngest nephew is three. He calls fishing "bishing." It's funny. He also LOVES it. And is pretty fearless. It's a little frightening really.
And there's my adventures! I really ought to take a picture of my crispy shoulders for you. But I doubt I'll get around to it. For now, be comforted knowing that I have pictures of the snake's meal, but I didn't post them.


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MalContent said...

HA HA! That "yet" was awesome.

Freaky-deaky about the snakes though. Definitely no bueno.