Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lazy Sunday Ramblings

A rare Sunday post. Because I feel like it. And some of the adventures of last night should be chronicled...
  • We had people over at our house for the first time last night. We got the UFC fight. It wasn't a lot of people or anything, but it was still fun.
  • I made some KILLER food for the fight. Seven-layer dip, which everyone loves. Hubby decided that if you don't then you must be a terrorist. I made some bacon-wrapped sausages which I could totally eat more of right now (except I'm not wanting to be in the kitchen at the moment). And some jalapeno poppers. Homemade. Amazing. Hubby might have me make more later because he loved them that much.
  • Georges St. Pierre won his fight. In his little shorts. I'm going to start a fan club for those little shorts he wears.
  • We made a late-night run to get some more beer. My bro-in-law and our cousin laughed at us short Mexican girls trying to run and jump to touch the aisle signs. (I failed.)
  • My cousin and I did some slug hunting. She had my flashlight and I had a big thing of salt. I've seen a ton of slime trails in my yard, but no snails. Well last night we saw THE BIGGEST FREAKING SLUGS I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! No joke. They were fat and disgusting and I think they were mutant slugs from outer space. So we hunted them. And salted them. And screamed when we saw one that was honestly at least six inches long. And FAT. (And no I'm not lying, and it wasn't a drunk hallucination. Hubby saw it and will corroborate my story.) He's dead now. Along with at least thirty others we found.
  • Upon getting our paper this morning I cracked up at all the salt spots. Apparently I was a little generous with it.
  • Hubby is going to take me to buy snail poison tonight.
  • I learned sad things about people and had one of those moments where it's not always nice to be right about someone.
  • I have been wanting more party food all day. But it's all gone. The men ate all of it. I'm surprised there was no licking of plates involved. Seriously.
And that's my Saturday. Now I'm off to make a list. I'm going to need snail poison, salt...

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