Tuesday, March 16, 2010

5 Things...

I have a few minutes so y'all get a blog today!

5 Things On My Mind Right Now
  1. I love my house. Sure there are things that need to be done (cleaning out gutters and other such fun things), but I don't have crappy druggie neighbors. And I have tulips out front! They're adorable!
  2. I am loving the weather the last couple days. When I pick up the kids today, I won't need a sweatshirt! Hello sun, I missed you a bit.
  3. I'm kinda freaking out about the job fair on Thursday. There were a buttload of pink slips delivered to teachers in just about all of our surrounding districts this week. I'm trying to stay positive, but it's getting difficult.
  4. I tackled Tad's room last night and I'm almost done. Now I just wish he could stay here as much as he did last year.
  5. It seems like EVERYONE around me is pregnant. Plenty of the blogs I follow have announced pregnancies or even showed off their newborns. A friend from church regularly updates her Facebook with how her pregnancy is going. Our old neighbor from the apartment just found out she's pregnant... the list goes on. I even see tons of pregnant strangers when we're out! It's giving me some serious baby fever and I think hubby may be a little worried. But don't expect any announcements around here. We have a house to take care of and I need a job.
Happy Tuesday. I'm off to unpack some more before we get the kids today.

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Rachel Escobar said...

as far as the prego stuff... I was SO there about two years ago, and can I tell you I am SO glad that this baby is coming now and not then. God knows what he's doing! :) enjoy watching it around you, because it is no picnic! :) when you do expand your fam, tho, those are going to be some dang cute kids! :)