Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy Birthday to...

my dear Steeeeven!!!

So sadly I have ZERO pictures of us together (we need to remedy this my friend!). But I love this one of him. So I stole it so you could see how adorable he is. :)

I met Steven when he was a freshman and FPU and we worked for the phone-a-thon together. I thought, "He's a cool kid." Then I found out he knew my cousin Micah (also a freshman). Then we ended up in ballroom together.

AND WE DOMINATED!!! haha (En-cha-cha-lada, Steven?)

Seriously though, once you meet Steven, it's impossible to not love the guy. He's genuine, positive, and super sweet. He always has a smile and a witty remark. Plus he has some pretty sweet photography skills. Seriously, go here on his blog.

So Steven, happy birthday! I love you to pieces! (And we need to get on top of our baking date!)

1 comment:

Steven said...

aww! i *just* saw this! it made my day. thanks!

en-cha-cha-lada? yes. please.

baking day? soon, please.

pictures of us together? yes, please.

you rock. i'm glad we're friends.