Tuesday, March 2, 2010

5 Things...

The big topic of conversation is the move right now. We're excited. Tad is VERY excited. So it was kind of obvious what I would write about today.

5 Projects We're Looking Forward To At the New House
  1. Staining our dining room table and chairs. I'm also going to recover the seats on them. Hubby's actually pretty excited about it too.
  2. Refinishing our storage/buffet/cabinet. It needed it when we got it a couple years ago. But it wasn't bad so it wasn't a priority. I really kind of want to do it a funky color...
  3. Making a headboard. We don't have one. I have tons of options running through my head at the moment and have to pick one already.
  4. Making curtains. For pretty much every room. I'm excited about this more than hubby. I'm having fun browsing fabrics online and trying to pick colors for each room.
  5. This one's only a possibility, but I'm kind of hoping to build a loft bed for Tad. I want one because it will open up some floor space and I want him to have plenty of room to play. The only tough part would be that anyone who stays the night (I'm lookin' at you MP) would be sleeping in it instead of a normal "grown up" bed. So it's not for sure yet. That and I haven't actually built anything like that before. Hmmm...
There will be lots of little projects too. I'm recovering a desk chair for my sewing room. And I'm going to paint or refinish the table that my sewing machine is on. Not to mention getting some shelves up.

I swear I won't turn this into an interior design blog. I'm not an expert at all, just really super stoked.

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