Tuesday, March 23, 2010

American Idol - Top 11

So tonight is Billboard's #1 songs? Meh. I like sticking with one artist/group better.

I'm so sick of Kara already. She needs to GET OFF Simon. Seriously. Even as they're walking out she has to be pushing him like a high school girl flirting with her crush. Can anyone say "desperate?" Actually, all the interaction at the beginning tonight is getting on my nerves. Preeeety sure I'm interested in the singing on the show, not the lame-o interaction between Seacrest and the judges.

**VOMIT** Really?! Miley Cyrus as a mentor?!?! I would feel insulted right about now if I was a contestant. My finger is itching for the mute button until someone steps up. And WTF is she wearing?

Okay, finally starting somewhere...

Lee is singing "The Letter" by The Box Tops. He sounds fine and all, but I'm not enjoying the song choice. I don't know the song, and I'm just not loving it. Randy loved it. Ellen compared him to a favorite pen in an analogy I couldn't actually repeat and do it justice. Kara loved him. Simon thought it was corny.

Paige picked "Against All Odds" by Phil Collins. Hubby laughed because he hears Phil Collins and thinks of South Park (don't bother asking if you don't get it). Is it just me or was the beginning rough? Hubby is with me on that one. The breathy voice doesn't work out there. The whole thing is a mess. And I don't think that's just because I haven't been a fan. Randy said it was "honestly terrible." Ellen told her how stunning she looks and decided to let Kara and Simon do the music critique. Kara called it the worst vocal she's heard from her. Simon said it was all over the place. I'm totally irritated by all the people booing the judges. Because let's face it, SHE WAS NOT GOOD TONIGHT AND THE JUDGES ARE ONLY SPEAKING THE TRUTH.

Tim is singing "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" by Queen (also done by Dwight Yoakam). When they mentioned he was singing Queen before the break I whimpered. I'm always afraid of people doing some classic faves. Hubby laughed at my whimpering. He's not screwing it up. And he has some pretty good stage presence tonight too! But it's almost like a crooner version of the original. It's good, but doesn't get me all hot and bothered. Randy said the vocals were boring. Ellen said it felt corny and pushed too hard. Kara said it was "Zac Efron and 'Hairspray.'" Then she decided to be a biotch and pretty much told him he has no business catering to the audience with hand-grabbing and such, "like he's already made it." Simon called it pointless and silly.

Aaron's got a crush on Miiiley. Aaron's got a crush on Miiiley. haha AND A HUNDRED POINTS TO ME!!! When Ryan said at the break that Aaron was singing Aerosmith I totally called that he was singing "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing." TOTALLY called it. He sounds good. It's a much softer version than Steven Tyler's. Possibly borderline country (I can't remember who sang that version at the moment). It's still good though. Randy said it wasn't perfect, but he liked it. Ellen said it was a perfect song choice and said he was amazing. Kara said it was the best song choice of the night. Simon said it may have been a little old-fashioned, but that there's zero chance he'll go home this week.

Crystal chose some Janis Joplin (not surprised). She's good, but I almost feel like she would be better suited in hippie times. She's not my style, but she's good. Hubby said she's predictable. Randy shouted and said she's a star. Ellen said it was great, but we're still missing some personality. Kara blabbed on without being too helpful. Simon loved it.

Big Mike is singing "When A Man Loves A Woman" by Michael Bolton. Oh wow. He's my fave so far tonight. This version is something I would consider playing at a wedding. Love, love, love him. Randy didn't think it was his best vocal, but still loved it. Ellen said he has a great voice and she loved him too. Kara said it was technically good, but felt overindulgent. Whatevs drunky. Simon said it was almost too much.

Andrew picked "Heard It Through The Grapevine" by Marvin Gaye. He's good. It's not terribly different than the original. But he's working the stage a little, which he doesn't do when he has his guitar. I like it, but I wouldn't say I love it. Randy said it wasn't good. Ellen said it wasn't enough to get people on board. Kara referred to the Paula song AGAIN. Simon said the arrangement was bad and he ruined the song.

**EEEEE!!!! Glee commercial! I cannot express how excited I am!**

Katie is singing "Big Girls Don't Cry" by Fergie. I actually like the song even though I don't like Fergie (seriously, how did she land Josh Duhamel?). She sounds pretty good. I don't love the chorus as much as I enjoyed the first verse. She seriously has a little bit of country to her voice. I like her, but I want to hear her do some country. She could possibly pull of Martina McBride. Randy liked that she picked a younger song. Ellen called it her best performance. Kara liked it and thought she should stick with pop (I disagree). Simon is also thinking country would be more her niche. Nice to know the smart judge is thinking the same thing I am.

Casey is up. And he picked "Power of Love" by Huey Lewis and the News. I was kind of hoping for some Bon Jovi when Ryan mentioned the 80's. He sounds pretty damn good tonight. I do think that rock needs to be his thing. And I think he needs to cover some Bon Jovi for me (haha, can you hear hubby's eyes rolling?). He earned a little sigh tonight, but only a little one. Randy said he did it well. Ellen called it the best vocal of the night. Kara said he's on another level (in a good way). Simon said it was like an 80's cover band. I do agree that he didn't change it much, but it was still a good vocal.

Didi decided to sing "You're No Good" by Linda Ronstadt. She kinda reminds me of Megan Joy, but better. She sounds really good. I say good song choice. And she's doing pretty good at the whole stage presence/using the stage thing. Randy liked the idea of it, but thought it was pitchy. Ellen didn't think it was the right song choice (whaaa?). Kara felt like she was playing a character. Simon said she was screeching. Um, seriously, was I listening to the same performance? Hubby commented on how the judges keep going back and forth on all their comments.

Siobhan got the top spot. Last performer is always a favorite. She picked "Superstition" by Stevie Wonder. Hubby's got some standards for her to meet because he likes this song (wow, I didn't know that). First of all, her hair needs to be tamed. It's distracting me. Hubby's take: "Not bad." He's not loving it. The arrangement is still very disco-y to me. Not really doin' it for me. She sounds good (of course), but it's not my favorite. Aaaand predictable "killer note" that will make the judges swoon. Randy loved it. Ellen loved her. Kara said she loves that Siobhan expresses herself. And fussed over the note that I called predictable. Simon said she wasn't as good as she has been before.

So, who should go? Paige. Hands down. She's failed to impress more than anyone else right now. Who's likely to go? I'd love to say Paige, but she seems to have a fan base somewhere. So we'll throw Tim and Didi under the bus this week. Only because Tim wasn't super exciting, and the judges were pretty harsh on Didi.

Talk to y'all tomorrow. It's time for LOST! It's the episode we've been waiting for... *eeeeeeee*

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