Thursday, March 11, 2010

American Idol - Elimination and Our Official Top 12!

This is the last American Idol blog I'll write from the apartment!! Wooooo!!!

So we get our official Top 12 tonight. And for the group number we have a Michael Buble song. It's not as cheesy as some of the group songs have been. But don't get me wrong: we have plenty of cheese.

Ryan just announced the theme for next week. Rolling Stones. That could go wonderful for some and awful for others. But that's next week. On to the eliminations...

Didi is in. I'm okay with this.

Siobhan is in. Meh. She has grown on me a bit over the last couple weeks.

Paige and Katelyn were called down together and were told only one was in the Top 12. I'm crossing my fingers for Katelyn. Aaaand I don't get my wish. Paige is in, Katelyn is going home.

Now they're switching to the boys. Ryan called Tim, Todrick, Lee and Casey. Casey's safe. Wow, Tim is in too. They waited entirely too long to say who was staying between Todrick and Lee. I think I was having a heart attack on the floor. But Lee is in. Yay!

It wouldn't be a results show without filler. Here's the filler portion of the night. Matt Giraud and Scott MacIntyre singing "Tell Her About It" while they both play piano. I did like them last season, so I won't complain much.

Back to results. Crystal got called up, she's in.

Big Mike is in! Yay!

Lacey's name was called next. She's in.

Next up was Aaron. He's in.

The boys it's down to are Alex and Andrew. I might die if Andrew doesn't make it in. ANDREW IS IN!!! *whew*

The girls left are Katie and Lilly (holy cow, I thought they would both be in!). Hubby thinks it'll be Katie, he guessed her at the beginning of the show. Katie is in. Because America loves the little kids. That's dumb. I don't love Lilly more than some of the others, but she was totally more interesting than Katie.

So there ya go. We have two children for America to vote for. My guess is they'll stick around because of the amount of mothers who probably see them as adorable.

See ya next week, when I'll start the Top 12 AT MY NEW HOUSE.

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