Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Woo Hoooo!

So today was Tad's birthday, but that warrants its own post. It was a pretty good day though.

Hey Heather, your comment to my mom totally worked some magic! Lil Kim is gone from dancing!!!

I'm pretty stoked over here. Are we sure it isn't MY birthday???

So Idol was tonight too. We watched it at mom's house so my rundown will be briefer than usual. It was rock and roll night though. Which made me super excited to see Allison and Adam. Had me wondering about Kris and Danny though. They also introduced a new thing tonight: duets. As soon as I heard that I had to start hoping that Allison and Adam would be paired up.

So let's get to it.

First of all, Slash (don't you dare ask "who?") was the mentor this week. For years now people have been telling my brother that he looks like Slash (that and Howard Stern). So as soon as I saw Slash on the screen I asked Tad, "Hey, who is that?" He looked up and in about two seconds said, "Hey, that's Nick." Haha... made our night.

Adam was first, sang some Led Zepplin (which I love). He of course was FANTASTIC! My mom and I discussed that he just too... flaming glamorous for us. Some jokes ensued. But we all agreed (even hubby) that he was great.

Allison followed, singing some Janis Joplin. I liked her. But this was the perfect week for her, so why wouldn't I like her? Not all the judges loved her, but since when do I actually tune into what they're saying?

There was a random conversation about Paula's drug use when my mom made a crack about how she talks too much and has to be on something. Random conversation continued about how useless she has been this season.

Next was the first duet: Kris and Danny. I said, "Neither of them can dirty it up enough to be rock and roll. I had to go look up their song just to remember what it was... some STYX!!! Which my mom was stoked about. Together they sounded great, but they just aren't quite rockers. They were good, but nowhere near great.

Kris sang some Beatles after that, and honestly... not good. I mean, okay. But so forgettable. As far as memorable goes, he's at the bottom tonight. It's nicer looking at him than listening to him at times. Because he is pretty stinkin' cute. And he just does better singing the sappy love songs.

Danny sang... good God... Aerosmith. And not just Aerosmith, but Dream On. That's right. Now that I think about it, Adam could probably have done that song justice. Danny was good for the first couple lines, then my dad said, "Nope" and I had to agree. (Just in case you care, my dad is the one who gets all the credit for getting me into Aerosmith at a youngish age. I credit him with my good taste in rock music.) Then came the part where Steven Tyler would do some "controlled musical screaming" (hubby and I just came up with that term). Um, I actually felt bad for Danny at that point. It sounded like it would cause some serious pain.

Then to make up for that, we got Adam and Allison singing some Foghat. Awwww yeah. Tad quit listening to his book and WATCHED them. He loves him some Slow Ride. And he loved Allison with her "purple hair." They were awesome, but you kind of expected them to be. The general consensus of the house was that yeah, they killed.

So tomorrow night, I will be recording and actually watching because we have CHRIS DAUGHTRY AND NO DOUBT! *sigh* for Chris and *enthusiastic clapping and bouncing* for No Doubt. As far as who goes home... I have to say Danny or Kris. I'll go with Kris because he's kind of coasting for me at this point. At least Danny has impressed me a lot the past couple weeks.

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