Thursday, May 28, 2009

So Soon, Stupidity?

I suppose I shouldn't laugh that it's so easy to find evidence of stupidity running rampant. Although this one isn't evidence of state departments being stupid. This time it's just an individual.

A dude in Oregon called 911 to say a McDonald's worker was being rude, and wouldn't give him his juice he ordered.

Holy. Cow. Really people? Did you forget to put on your big girl panties and take your sanity pills?

And what is it about McDonald's getting the attention? Remember a few months ago when a lady in Florida called 911 because they were out of Chicken McNuggets? Not just once, but THREE TIMES!

Both wackjobs were arrested.

I can honestly say I've never been mad enough at any fast food place to even call a manager. Let alone 911. Evaluate these people and lock them up because I think they're a few monkeys short of a barrel.

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