Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Oh Reality TV...

So Dancing ended tonight. With a COMPLETE surprise. Shawn won. My mom and I were shocked and gasped. Hubby uttered a "srsly?" (Thanks lol speak.)

And mom and I watched Idol together. We missed the first twenty minutes (the first two performances) which didn't matter since they were just songs they had done before. Great choice by both of them on those songs! Adam picked Mad World again, Kris picked Ain't No Sunshine. LOVED both of those the first time around and would likely call them my favorite performances.

Round two, I liked Adam better than Kris. Kris did seem a little too... meh for a finale.

Then there was round three. Or the round that I would call "What did these people write and did they even let Adam and Kris rehearse before performing???" I'm not usually a big fan of the songs written for the finale. Most are too, "Listen to me! I'm uplifting and beautiful!" This one was totally NOT something I enjoyed. The fact that this wasn't a great song was proved by the fact that ADAM WAS ACTUALLY PITCHY. For the first time this season, Adam wasn't good. And then... Kris wasn't either. Mom and I were sitting there with semi-confused looks on our faces. I actually said, "If I was only watching these performances, there's no way I would believe we were watching a finale."

So I have no clue who's going to win. If people vote based on the entire season and take this semi-disappointing face-off out of the running, I would say Adam. But there are tons of reasons that I think Kris may win. So I have NO PREDICTION. I will say that I hope tomorrow night's results are a hundred times better than tonight's performances.

Fingers crossed.

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