Thursday, September 25, 2008


So it was a good day. I blogged about what I was worried about earlier this week. So I was stressed last night and this morning. But it was a great day.

I looked nice for picture day. Which is always good.

But the highlight... I'm all but guaranteed a job in Fresno Unified when I graduate now. And we're talking as soon as I graduate. I met our area assistant supernintendo. Seemed nice enough. I talked to him a bit while I was out getting the kids this morning. Then he happened to visit our classroom while I was up doing a lesson. It wasn't anything fancy. I was just reviewing our reading for the week and explaining the kids' worksheet to them. But he liked what he saw. So did the principal and vice principal. Yay!

So before he left he got my number and email from Lori (my master teacher) and said he wants updates on how I'm doing and when I pass other tests. Lori filled me in and said, "So welcome to Fresno Unified."


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Mal said...

Wow, congratulations!

(Ha ha, the captcha for the comments reads: "coxbsgid")