Saturday, September 20, 2008


I baked today. I made some cupcakes to take to my sissy's house tonight. I was pretty excited because I bought some silicone cupcake cups last night at the store. And I had bought some red velvet cake mix last week. Mmmm... so yeah, today I tried out my silicone cups.

First though, you have to see the red velvet right before it was poured in...

Then I decided to go ahead and flour the cups. Because with chocolate cake you're supposed to flour the pan. And there is cocoa in red velvet (for those of you who didn't know). And I thought it was better to be safe even though silicone is non-stick.

So I poured the batter in. I wasn't too anal with this batch being the same exact sizes and stuff because this was mainly to test out my cups. So of course the stupid things came out lopsided. I hate when my cupcakes do that. Does anyone know the real reason for that?

You can kinda see the wonkiness in that top right one. Anyhow, like I said, I'm not gonna care too much. These will more than likely be devoured while we're all drunk tonight anyway. So I also happened to buy a big can of frosting when I was a the store. So I could do the frosting all pretty...

So there are the cupcakes. I'm not horribly impressed with the boxed red velvet mix. I'll definitely be doing that kind from scratch from now on. But they're not dry. And not overcooked or anything. So I'll take the silicone cups as a success. I did have to cook the cupcakes for two or three minutes longer than normal. And as soon as they're cool enough to touch you need to take the cupcakes out of the liners. But it was sooooo easy to get them out. And they're easy to wash. And I think I'll swear by silicone for my cupcakes now.

So any recommendations for what you want me to make next? I'm on a cupcake kick. But I also rock at cookies.

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