Thursday, September 25, 2008

Why do I want to be a teacher?

This may be some heavy reading for today, but I felt like writing it.

I've been asked what makes me want to be a teacher more times than I can count. Short version: it's something that I feel like I've been called to do.

I've actually had one jackass look at me and say, "But you won't make any money." Um, duh. But that's not why I'm in it.

I grew up the oldest in my family, including the grandkids. So I already knew I could manage kids younger than me. In second grade I had a student teacher who I loved. I thought she was cool, pretty and young. And she had fun with us! I totally wanted to do that. Then as I grew up I started tutoring and eventually got a job with an after school program. That's when I figured out that I had classroom control. I finally got into Fresno Pacific and here I am in my last semester of the credential program.

That's a seriously short version, but I don't want to have you sitting here all day.

And you know what? I won't be rich. But I don't care. Ultimately I want sixth graders. They're impressionable. And even though they won't let on, they're still vulnerable. I'm in a sixth grade classroom right now and the teacher has at least one student every week come back to see her. I want to be that teacher. I want students to remember me years later and see what I did as something important. I want to be able to make a difference.

That's way more important than driving an expensive car and having a second home on the beach.

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