Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dancing With the Stars

So I watch every season. I missed one season and that was because I had night classes and it was too hard to keep up. Then came our DVR and there went my social life... haha.

But really, I love the show, but it never fails that they put some people on there that make you scratch your head or want to throw things. This season is no different.

Cloris Leachman. Really? She's 82 flippin' years old. It's not just the age, she just doesn't look like she's trying. If it's difficult to keep up, I just wouldn't sign up. And people are keeping her around for the "entertainment factor." Um, what entertainment? I find her senile ramblings boring and annoying.

Kim Kardashian. Ugh. I could leave it at that, but I feel like saying more. You people do realize that the only reason she's a "star" with a reality show is because she made a sex tape with a washed up singer, right? I call the glorification of this amateur porn star more than a little ridiculous. Let's not try to make her out to be talented or something. And hell-oooo! She's not even trying. It's like she's afraid to break a sweat or else her layers of makeup will come off and we'll realize she's not much above average.

Everyone else I think I'm okay with. I'm pretty much throwing my votes behind Lance and Lacey. Partly the boy band factor. But mostly that their dances are fun! I love them! Plus I saw Lacey when she was on So You Think You Can Dance. So I'm a little biased for her, even if she is a camera whore.

So what does everyone else think? Anyone watching it and want to give your input?

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