Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spring Break - Day 8

Ha, I did it again didn't I?

That's okay, not much happened yesterday. It was more of a relaxing day after I took Tad home. I did get some good Tad moments for you though.

We went to the grocery store for a couple things and when we were in line he spotted the man in front of us... wearing socks with flip flops. He looked up and me and said, "Tia Ashley, he's wearing socks with his flip flops" in a tone of voice that showed he was dumbfounded an adult would do that. I have taught him well. That's one faux pas my baby won't be committing.

I took him to Bath and Body Works before I took him home because it was the last day of a pretty massive sale. When we walked in he wrinkled his nose and said, "NOT the perfume store!" I laughed at him and he whispered at me, "It smells in here!" The cashier caught his looks and laughed then said, "It's okay, my little brother still acts like that and he's sixteen."

Then on the way back to his house, we were in the car and he started clapping. Out of nowhere, for no apparent reason. So I asked him why he was clapping. "Because you're cute Tia Ashley."

Best. Child. Ever.

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