Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Break - Day 3


I love spring break. Slept until 9:00 today. Took Greenlee for a walk with hubby. Worked in the yard for a bit. Talked to sissy. Visited with our gardeners (well, the wife anyway, who I haven't seen since I started work). Started and almost finished a shirt. The night isn't over, I could totes finish tonight. Made brownies... from scratch. Went to the store where I bought myself some pretty flowers... just because I can. Then it was a tri-tip dinner.

And now, Adventure Time is over, on to Regular Show.

Big plans tomorrow. Anniversary, shootin' in the mountains... who knows what else. :)

Totes finished the shirt I was sewing. It could probably stand to be taken in a little, but it fits! And it's cute! I actually accomplished something!

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